Check My Links browser extension: Effortlessly validate links

Check My Links: A Handy Browser Extension for Efficient Link Auditing and Validation


As the internet has grown in size and complexity, the importance of link auditing and validation has become increasingly significant. A website with broken or invalid links can lead to a negative user experience, decreased search engine rankings, and lost revenue. Link auditing involves checking all links on a website to ensure they are working correctly and pointing to valid web pages.


On the other hand, link validation verifies that all links are correctly formatted and adhere to web standards. To help website owners streamline this process, numerous tools have been developed to automate link auditing and validation, with one of the most popular being Check My Links.


This browser extension offers an effortless way of auditing hyperlinks on a webpage by quickly identifying valid, invalid/broken (404), or redirected URLs. In this article, we will provide an overview of Check My Links as well as explore its various features that make it one of the best extensions for efficient link auditing.

Softwareista Key Takeaways


  1. Link Auditing: Check My Links is a valuable tool for efficient link auditing, swiftly identifying both working and broken links on any webpage.


  1. Immediate Validation: Check My Links validates links in real-time, allowing you to immediately identify and fix broken links, enhancing the user experience on your website.


  1. Convenient Browser Extension: Available as a browser extension, Check My Links provides a user-friendly and convenient method for webmasters and SEO professionals to verify the integrity of links.


  1. Boost SEO: By identifying and rectifying broken links, Check My Links helps improve your SEO, as search engines favor websites with properly functioning links.


  1. Perfect for Web Developers and Designers: Check My Links proves valuable for web developers and designers during the site-building process by ensuring link integrity.



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The Importance of Link Auditing and Validation


Link validation is crucial because websites with broken or invalid links can damage their reputation among visitors, search engines as well as impact negatively their overall performance. Broken links can harm your SEO efforts since search engines interpret them as dead ends rather than sources relevant information leading to lower rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Potential clients may leave your site when they come across a broken page or link instead of staying long enough to learn about your business.


A broken or invalid link can happen for several reasons such as URLs not properly formatted or mistyped URL addresses leads users to 404 error pages instead of landing page required content; moreover, outgoing links that redirect incorrectly may lead users from your site altogether without accessing the resource they seek. Additionally sometimes you may change a URL structure on your own site but forget to update all the links to it, leading to 404 errors as well.

Introducing Check My Links


Check My Links is a browser extension that allows website owners to audit their links efficiently. The extension scans all hyperlinks present on your webpage and highlights broken or invalid ones in red while working links are highlighted in green. It comes as a handy tool for developers and designers wanting to avoid common mistakes while maintaining link integrity, improving user experience, and SEO.


With Check My Links, you can save time verifying links’ validity by checking for broken hyperlinks automatically. It’s compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Moreover, this extension is free to download from the Chrome Web Store. In the next section of this article, we will provide an overview of how Check My Links works as well as explore some of its most useful features.

Overview of Check My Links


Check My Links is a useful browser extension that can help you audit and validate all the links on your website with ease. This extension scans through all the links on a particular webpage and identifies any broken or invalid link. This helps you to improve your website’s performance and keep it up to date with valid content.

  1. Explanation of what Check My Links is and how it works


Check My Links is a browser extension designed to simplify the task of auditing links on websites. It works by analyzing all the hyperlinks present in a webpage and categorizing them based on their status, whether valid or invalid.


The extension uses HTTP response codes to determine the status of each link. Broken or dead links are highlighted in red, while valid ones are marked green.


Additionally, Check My Links also detects redirected URLs, allowing webmasters to fix redirect chains that lead to 404 errors or other issues. This provides a quick solution for webmasters who want to enhance their website’s user experience by ensuring that visitors have access only to valid links.

  1. Compatibility with popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox


Another great thing about this browser extension is its compatibility with popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This makes it easy for anyone using these browsers as their main source for browsing the internet.

Whether you’re using Chrome or Firefox, simply search for Check My Links in the respective browser’s store, download it and install it in just one click! The best part about this extension is that it’s entirely free of charge!

  1. Availability as a free download from the Chrome Web Store


As mentioned earlier, Check My Links can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Chrome Web Store without any limitations on usage. Once downloaded, users can access its features at any time while browsing their favorite websites. The good news does not end there, as Check My Links is updated regularly to keep up with the latest web standards and technologies.


This ensures that users always have a reliable tool for maintaining their websites’ link health. Overall, Check My Links is an excellent browser extension designed to help webmasters efficiently audit and validate website links.


It’s easy to use, compatible with popular browsers, and free of charge. In the next section, we’ll dive deeper into its features and benefits.

Features and Benefits of Check My Links


As mentioned earlier, Check My Links is an incredibly useful browser extension that helps website owners and developers perform efficient link auditing and validation. In this section, we will dive into the various features and benefits that make this tool so valuable.

  1. Detailed analysis of all links on a webpage, including broken links, redirected links, valid links, etc.


One of the most significant advantages of Check My Links is that it provides a comprehensive analysis of all links on a webpage. This includes identifying broken links (also known as dead or 404 error pages), redirected links (which can negatively impact SEO), valid external and internal links. The extension highlights these different categories with distinct colors to allow users to quickly identify areas that require attention.


This feature can be particularly useful for websites with multiple pages or blog posts where manually checking each link can be time-consuming and tedious. By using Check My Links, users can obtain an in-depth understanding of their website’s link structure within seconds.

  1. Quick identification and fixing of broken or invalid links to improve website performance


When it comes to website performance, the presence of broken or invalid links can negatively impact user experience. Visitors are likely to leave a site if they come across too many broken or dead page errors.


Additionally, these issues may also result in lower search engine rankings due to Google’s algorithm considering such errors as negative indicators for quality content. Luckily, Check My Links helps identify problematic areas on your website by highlighting them in red color.


Users can easily click on these highlighted sections to access the problematic URL directly from within the extension popup window. Once identified, webmasters can take corrective measures like editing commands inside CMS platforms (WordPress) or redirecting URLs through .htaccess files (Apache Server) to improve website SEO and performance.

  1. Time-saving feature that eliminates the need for manual checking of each link on a webpage


Checking every link on a webpage manually can be a daunting task, particularly for website owners with many pages to manage. However, thanks to Check My Links, this process can be significantly streamlined and more efficient. The extension automatically analyzes all links on a page and presents them in an organized manner within seconds.


This feature saves webmasters countless hours that they would otherwise spend manually checking each link one by one. Additionally, by automating the process, Check My Links minimizes the chances of a user missing out on critical broken or invalid links that could negatively impact their website’s performance.

  1. Conclusion


The benefits and features offered by Check My Links make it an essential tool for any website owner or developer looking to streamline their auditing process. 


By using Check My Links, users can perform detailed analysis of all links contained within their site, identify problematic areas more efficiently and effectively fix errors to improve overall site performance. 


With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, this browser extension is sure to become an indispensable part of any webmaster’s toolkit.

How to Use Check My Links


Check My Links is a straightforward browser extension that requires minimal setup and configuration. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install and use the extension:

Step 1: Install Check My Links from the Chrome Web Store

Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for “Check My Links.” Once you find it, click on the “Add to Chrome” button to install it on your browser.

Step 2: Enable Check My Links

After installing the extension, a small icon will appear in your browser’s toolbar. Click on it to enable Check My Links.

Step 3: Navigate to a website

Navigate to any webpage that you want to check for broken links. Once you are there, click on the Check My Links icon in your browser toolbar.

Step 4: Wait for Check My Links to Analyze the Page

After clicking on the extension icon, Check My Links will start analyzing all of the links on that page. Depending on how many links are present, this process may take a few seconds or several minutes.

Step 5: View Results and Fix Broken or Invalid Links

Once analysis is completed, all broken, redirected or valid links will be highlighted with different colors (red for broken links and yellow for redirected ones). You can click each link individually or click on “Properties” button at bottom right corner of window to view more details about each of them including href target, anchor text etc.


It’s important that you take note of any broken or invalid links found so that you can fix them later. This way your website performance will improve drastically over time as it becomes more SEO-friendly.

Advanced Features of Check My Links

  1. The Ability to Filter Results by Link Type


Check My Links provides the user with advanced features that are essential for efficient link auditing and validation. One of these features is the ability to filter results by link type. When a page is scanned, all links are categorized into three different groups: broken links, valid links, and redirected links.


The user can then choose to view only one specific category of links at a time, such as broken links. This feature is useful for identifying patterns in broken or redirected links and fixing them quickly.

  1. The Option to Export Results into a CSV File for Further Analysis


Another advanced feature of Check My Links is the option to export results into a CSV file for further analysis. This feature enables users to save scan results in an easily accessible format that can be used for future reference or shared with others. The exported CSV file contains detailed information about each link on the page, including the link URL, status code, anchor text, and more.

  1. Customizable Settings Such as Timeout


Check My Links also provides users with customizable settings such as timeout. The timeout setting determines how long Check My Links will wait for a response from a website before considering it timed out. By default, this value is set to 5 seconds but can be changed depending on user preferences or website response times.

Softwareista Final Word


Check My Links is an indispensable browser extension for efficient link auditing and validation that provides users with advanced features such as filtering results by link type and exporting scan results into a CSV file. Its customizable settings make it an ideal tool for users who want complete control over their scanning process.


With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive scan reports, Check My Links can help improve website performance by quickly identifying and fixing broken or invalid links on a webpage. By using Check My Links, users can save time and improve the overall quality of their website.

Softwareista FAQ Section

  1. What is Check My Links?

Check My Links is a browser extension that provides efficient link auditing and validation. It helps identify both working and broken links on any webpage in real-time.

  1. Who can benefit from using Check My Links?

Check My Links can be beneficial for SEO professionals, web developers, web designers, and website owners who want to ensure the integrity of links on their webpages and improve the user experience.

  1. How does Check My Links work?

Once installed as a browser extension, Check My Links scans through webpages and identifies all the links. It then validates these links in real-time, highlighting working links in green and broken links in red.

  1. Can Check My Links help improve SEO?

Yes, by identifying and enabling the repair of broken links, Check My Links can help improve your website’s SEO. Search engines favor websites with properly functioning links.

  1. How can web developers and designers use Check My Links?

Web developers and designers can use Check My Links during the site-building process to ensure all links are working properly. This can save time and effort in the testing phase.

  1. Is Check My Links user-friendly?

Yes, Check My Links is designed to be user-friendly. As a browser extension, it’s straightforward to install and use, providing an efficient way to audit and validate links.

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