Later: The Ultimate Visual Content Planner for Social Media

Maximizing Your Social Media Presence with Later: The Ultimate Visual Content Planner and Scheduler

A Visual Content Planner and Scheduler for Social Media


In today’s fast-paced digital world, social media marketing has become an essential part of any business strategy. With over 4 billion active users worldwide, social media platforms provide businesses with a vast audience to connect with, engage, and convert into customers.


However, creating a successful social media presence requires more than just posting random content at random times. With so much competition in the market, businesses need to develop a strategic approach to their social media marketing efforts.


That’s why Later is here – an all-in-one visual content planner and scheduler that helps businesses plan, schedule and publish high-quality visual content across multiple social media platforms effortlessly. Later is designed to make social media marketing simpler by streamlining the entire process from planning to scheduling while providing users with various analytics and insights on post performance.

Softwareista Key Takeaways


  1. Designed for Visual Content: Later is an innovative social media tool built for visual content planning. By focusing on the aesthetic aspects, it streamlines content creation for visual-heavy platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. This makes it an invaluable tool for brands where visual appeal plays a crucial role in their social media strategy.


  1. Efficient Content Scheduling: Later provides powerful scheduling capabilities that allow users to map out their content plans in advance. It offers a visual calendar, allowing you to see how your posts will look like when published, thereby enabling you to create a visually cohesive social media feed.


  1. Social Media Analytics: Later comes packed with analytics features that provide in-depth insights into your social media performance. From engagement rates to follower growth, these insights can inform your content strategy and help improve your overall social media performance.


  1. Feature: Later’s feature turns your Instagram feed into a clickable, optimized landing page, driving more traffic to your website or online store. It’s a beneficial feature for businesses looking to convert social media followers into customers.


  1. User-friendly Interface: Later prides itself on a clean, easy-to-use interface that simplifies the process of planning, scheduling, and analyzing your social media content. This allows you to spend less time learning the tool and more time implementing your social media strategies.



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The Importance of Visual Content in Social Media Marketing


Visual content plays a crucial role in building an effective social media presence for your business. It’s no secret that people are attracted to visually appealing images and videos that are easy to digest and understand. Studies have shown that visual content drives higher engagement rates than text-only posts by up to 650%.


Moreover, visual content improves brand recognition and recall because it’s easier for people to remember what they’ve seen rather than what they’ve read or heard. As such, incorporating high-quality visuals into your social media strategy can significantly improve the overall performance of your posts.


However, creating visually appealing content consistently can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where Later comes in handy – providing businesses with access to a user-friendly platform where they can plan their posts ahead of time while ensuring that their visuals are consistent across their feeds.


Later offers several features that make it easy for businesses of all sizes to create engaging visual content that resonates with their target audience while saving time and money. In the next section, we’ll dive deeper into the features that make Later stand out as one of the best visual content planners and schedulers for social media marketing.

Features of Later

  1. Visual Content Planner and Scheduler: Making Your Life Easier


One of Later’s most prominent features is its visual content planner and scheduler. With this feature, users can streamline their social media marketing efforts and save time by scheduling posts in advance.


The visual content planner allows users to see what their Instagram feed will look like before they post, using a drag-and-drop system to rearrange images until the perfect aesthetic layout is achieved. Furthermore, the scheduling tool allows users to pre-schedule posts for multiple platforms simultaneously.


This includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Users can even set specific times for each platform’s optimal posting hours.

  1. Integration with Popular Social Media Platforms


Later offers seamless integration with several popular social media platforms. This makes it easy for users to manage multiple accounts from one location and eliminates the need to toggle between different apps or websites. For example, if you have connected your Twitter account through Later, you can create Tweets alongside your Instagram posts in the same platform.


Furthermore, if you schedule an Instagram post that includes a link directing traffic off-platform (such as a product page on your website), Later will automatically create a corresponding post for Facebook that includes the link as well. Later also provides easy access to popular emojis and hashtags making it easier than ever before to bring more attention towards your posts on these social media platforms.

  1. Analytics and Insights on Post Performance


Metrics matter when it comes to understanding how successful a social media campaign is. With Later’s analytics dashboard feature, users can track their post performance across all linked accounts in one place.


This dashboard offers insights into key metrics such as engagement rates (likes and comments), follower growth rate over time periods of varying lengths, impressions per post – even down to individual hashtags! 


These insights make it easier for marketers or business owners to determine what works and what doesn’t, allowing for adjustments to be made accordingly.

  1. Advanced Analytics


For those looking for even deeper analytics, Later offers advanced analytics that allow you to track the performance of your Instagram Stories. Discover how many people have viewed and replied to each story, as well as how your story engagement compares to normal feed posts. 


To gain a better understanding of how your social media marketing efforts are impacting the bottom line, you can also integrate Later with Google Analytics that tracks traffic and conversion rates from Instagram.

How to use Later

  1. Setting up an account and connecting social media profiles


To start using Later, you will need to create an account. Simply visit the Later website and sign up for a free or paid plan. Once you’ve created an account, you can connect your social media profiles by clicking on the “Add Social Profile” button.


You will then be prompted to enter your login details for each platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that you want to connect. Later also allows you to connect multiple accounts for each platform.

  1. Creating a content calendar and scheduling posts


After connecting your social media profiles, it’s time to create a content calendar and schedule your posts. To do this, click on the “Content Calendar” tab in the top navigation menu.


Here, you can view your upcoming posts by week or month. To add a new post, simply click on the “+” button and select the social profile that you want to post on.


Once you’ve selected your social profile, upload your image or video content from your computer or cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can then add captions and hashtags as well as schedule the date and time that you want it posted.

  1. Using the visual planner to preview the Instagram grid layout


One of Later’s unique features is its visual planner which allows users to preview how their Instagram grid will look like before posting anything live on their profile. This feature is especially helpful if aesthetics are important for maintaining brand consistency. To use this feature go back into the “Content Calendar” tab and click on “Calendar View”.


In this view select Instagram from all of your connected social networks at once (in case if not already selected). You should now see a visual representation of how all of your posts will appear together in three-by-three grids after they have been posted.


This will give you an idea of how your feed will look like in the future. You can then drag and drop posts to rearrange them until you’re happy with the visual layout of your grid.

  1. Utilizing analytics to track post performance


Analytics are a crucial part of social media marketing. Later provides insights into post performance through its analytics features. To access the analytics, simply click on “Analytics” in the top navigation menu.


Here, you can view metrics such as engagement rate, clicks, likes and comments for each post as well as for your overall account performance on different platforms. By analyzing these metrics, you can track which posts perform better than others and optimize your content strategy accordingly.


Additionally, Later’s analytics allow users to identify their best-performing content easily so they can repost it later for increased engagement. Later’s intuitive platform makes it easy to set up an account and start scheduling posts across multiple social media platforms.


The visual planner is a unique feature that helps users preview their Instagram grid layout before posting live. Furthermore, taking advantage of Later’s Analytics feature allows for better optimization of social media marketing strategies by tracking post engagement with ease.

Benefits of Using Later


After exploring the features of Later, it is important to examine the benefits that this visual content planner and scheduler can bring to a social media marketing strategy.

  1. Saves Time by Scheduling Posts in Advance


One of the most significant advantages of using Later is that it saves time by enabling users to schedule posts in advance. This means that businesses and individuals can plan their content strategy for days or weeks ahead without constantly having to worry about posting on social media. Furthermore, advanced scheduling means that brands can ensure they are consistently posting high-quality content at optimal times, even during periods when they may be too busy to post manually.

  1. Consistent Posting Schedule Leads to Increased Engagement


Another benefit of using Later is that it promotes consistent posting schedules, which leads to increased engagement from followers. With regular and timely posts, businesses can drive more traffic and views from their target audiences, increasing the chances of converting followers into customers. In addition, a consistent schedule helps maintain brand awareness among followers and builds a relationship between brands and their audience.

  1. Ability to Plan and Curate Visually Appealing Instagram Grids


Later’s visual planner feature allows users not only to schedule posts but also plan visually appealing Instagram grids ahead of time. By previewing the look and layout of upcoming posts on an Instagram grid, users can ensure consistency in branding, messaging, color palettes, or any other desired aesthetic elements across all posts for an optimized Instagram profile. Planning grids also enables businesses to create themes or campaigns around specific events or product launches.

  1. Analytics And Insights That Drive Data-Driven Decisions


yet importantly, Later provides detailed analytics insights into post performance across multiple social media platforms such as Twitter Facebook as well as Instagram.These insights help track key performance metrics like engagement rate,to assess what works and what doesn’t ,and optimize future content accordingly. Such granular insights can inform data-driven decisions, which can be invaluable to businesses looking to maximize their social media presence. Overall, Later provides a range of benefits for social media marketing that can save time, increase engagement, and contribute to creating a visually appealing brand image across multiple platforms.

Advanced features of Later

  1. User-generated content curation


One of the most powerful and unique features of Later is its ability to help you curate user-generated content (UGC) for your social media profiles. UGC is content created by your followers or customers that features your brand or products, and it can be an incredibly effective way to boost engagement and build trust with your audience.


With Later’s UGC feature, you can easily search for and collect relevant posts from Instagram using hashtags, location tags, or specific accounts. Once you find a post you want to share, you can add it to a “Media Library” within Later and easily schedule it for future posting on any platform.


Not only does this help take some of the pressure off creating new content all the time, but it also shows your followers that you care about their content too. And when other people see that their posts are being shared by a brand they love, they’re more likely to engage with that brand in the future.

  1. Hashtag suggestions for increased discoverability


Hashtags are crucial for getting discovered on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. But figuring out which hashtags to use can be daunting – especially if you’re just starting out. That’s where Later’s hashtag suggestion tool comes in handy.


When you’re scheduling a post in Later, simply enter a few relevant keywords into the hashtag field and click “Suggest Hashtags.” The tool will generate a list of popular hashtags related to those keywords. But what makes this feature even more valuable is that Later also shows you how many times each hashtag has been used on Instagram.


This lets you choose both popular tags (to increase discoverability) and niche tags (to reach a more targeted audience). By using relevant hashtags consistently in your posts (and changing them up regularly), you can increase visibility and engagement with your content.

  1. feature for driving traffic from Instagram


Instagram is a great platform for sharing visual content, but it’s not always easy to drive traffic from your posts to your website or other online content. That’s where Later’s feature comes into play. is essentially a landing page that houses all the links you want to share with your followers.


When you create a new post in Later, you can add a link (which will appear as a “See more” button on your post). This takes viewers to your dedicated page where they can click through to whatever links you’ve added (such as blog posts, products, or other social media profiles).


The beauty of this feature is that you don’t have to constantly change the link in your Instagram bio – instead, whenever someone clicks “See more” on one of your posts, they’ll be taken to your page where they can explore all of your linked content. 


Overall, Later’s advanced features make it an incredibly powerful tool for social media marketers who are looking for ways to save time, increase engagement and discoverability, and drive traffic from their visual content.

  1. Additional features


The paid plans also offer several other advanced features that can take social media marketing efforts to the next level. One such feature is user-generated content curation – this allows users to easily find user-generated photos relevant to their brand or industry from platforms like Instagram and incorporate them into their own feeds.


Another important feature offered by Later’s paid plans is Instagram hashtag suggestions – this helps users discover popular hashtags relevant to their industry that can increase discoverability on the platform. Additionally, allows brands to drive traffic from Instagram to their website or blog by including a clickable link in their bio.

  1. Final thoughts


Later offers a range of pricing options to suit the needs of individuals and businesses of all sizes. While the free plan is a great option for those with limited needs, the paid plans offer advanced features such as unlimited scheduling, in-depth analytics, user-generated content curation, hashtag suggestions and more. These features are essential for businesses looking to optimize their social media strategies and engage with their audience on an ongoing basis.

Softwareista Final Word


Later is an essential tool for any business or individual looking to elevate their social media marketing strategy. Its visual content planner and scheduler allow for efficient and effective post scheduling across multiple platforms, while its integration with popular social media sites provides seamless accessibility. 


Not only does Later save time by allowing users to schedule posts in advance, but it also helps ensure a consistent posting schedule which will lead to increased engagement with your audience.

The ability to plan and curate visually appealing Instagram grids adds an extra layer of professionalism to your brand’s online presence. 


Additionally, the advanced features of Later such as user-generated content curation and hashtag suggestions for increased discoverability make it a comprehensive tool for boosting your social media presence.


The feature drives valuable traffic from Instagram directly to your website or other desired destination. While there is a free plan available with limited features, the paid plans offer more advanced options such as analytics and insights on post performance, making it well worth the investment for serious marketers.


Overall, Later is a powerful tool that can take your social media marketing strategy to the next level. By streamlining the process of creating engaging visual content across multiple platforms and providing valuable insights into post performance, it empowers you with the tools necessary for success in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Softwareista FAQ Section

  1. What is Later?

Later is a social media management tool specifically designed for visual content planning. It allows users to schedule posts, analyze performance, and increase engagement on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


  1. Does Later provide analytics?

Yes, Later offers robust analytics that provide valuable insights into your social media performance. This includes data on engagement rates, follower growth, and more, helping you make informed decisions about your social media strategy.


  1. What is the feature in Later? by Later is a feature that transforms your Instagram feed into a shoppable landing page. This means each image can be linked to a specific webpage, helping to drive more traffic to your website or online store.


  1. Can I schedule posts using Later?

Absolutely. Later offers powerful scheduling features, including a visual content calendar that allows you to see how your posts will appear once published. This makes it easier to create a visually cohesive and engaging social media feed.


  1. Is Later easy to use?

Yes, Later is known for its clean, user-friendly interface. It simplifies the process of planning, scheduling, and analyzing your social media content, making it a preferred tool for many social media managers and marketers.

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