Livestorm: Powering Webinars for Your Business

Livestorm: A Powerful, User-Friendly Webinar Platform for Businesses

Why Webinars are Important for Businesses


As more and more businesses shift towards digital marketing strategies, webinars have become an essential tool for reaching and engaging with audiences. Webinars are live online events that enable businesses to connect with potential customers, partners or investors in real-time. They provide an excellent opportunity to showcase products or services, answer questions and gather valuable feedback.


In fact, according to statistics from GoToWebinar, 73% of marketers consider webinars as one of the most effective ways to generate leads. 


However, organizing a successful webinar can be a daunting task.

From handling registrations and invitations to setting up interactive features like polls and Q&A sessions, there are many moving parts that need to be seamlessly integrated. 


This is where Livestorm comes in – a platform specifically designed for hosting webinars.

Softwareista Key Takeaways – Livestorm


  1. Powerful Webinar Platform: Livestorm is a versatile webinar platform that combines robust functionality with user-friendly design, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.


  1. Efficient Engagement Tools: Livestorm features various tools for boosting audience engagement, including real-time chat, Q&A sessions, polls, and screen sharing. This enhances the overall experience for both hosts and participants.


  1. Marketing and Analytics Capabilities: With Livestorm, you can execute effective email campaigns, create custom registration pages, and perform SEO optimization. Post-webinar, you can access comprehensive analytics for performance evaluation.


  1. Streamlined Integration: Livestorm supports integration with multiple platforms, including CRM, marketing automation tools, and social media channels. This connectivity can help to automate your processes and improve efficiency.


  1. On-Demand Webinars: Livestorm allows you to record webinars for later viewing. This feature ensures that your content remains accessible even to those who missed the live event.



Choosing the right webinar platform can be overwhelming. That’s why Softwareista has done the research and compiled a comprehensive comparison of 28 top solutions. Our findings will help you make an educated decision. Read our analysis here: The Best 28 Webinar Platforms in Existence for 2023 – Compared

Introduction to Livestorm


Livestorm is an all-in-one webinar platform that offers a comprehensive set of features designed to simplify every aspect of hosting a successful event. The platform offers customizable registration forms and landing pages which can be tailored to your brand’s look-and-feel. Once registered, attendees can access the webinar easily through any device without having to download any software.


One of the key features of Livestorm is its ability to stream HD quality video and audio with no lag or buffering issues – ensuring a seamless user experience throughout the entire event. The platform also offers advanced interactive tools such as live polls, chat rooms and Q&A sessions which increase audience engagement during the event.


Integration with leading business tools such as CRM systems and marketing automation software allows seamless data transfer between platforms before, during and after each event – providing valuable insights on attendees’ behavior that can help improve future events. Livestorm is an ideal platform for businesses looking to host successful webinars.


With its powerful yet user-friendly features, organizing a webinar has never been easier. In the following sections, we’ll explore some of the key features in more detail and outline a step-by-step guide on how to use Livestorm effectively.

Features of Livestorm

  1. Customizable registration and landing pages


Livestorm offers a highly customizable registration and landing page builder that allows businesses to create their own branded page for webinars. Companies can add their logo, images, and colors to the templates provided by Livestorm. 


Additionally, businesses can collect information about attendees through custom form fields, such as name, email address, job title, company size, etc.


The registration process is straightforward and easy for attendees to complete. Once registered, attendees receive an automatic confirmation email with a unique link to join the webinar.

  1. Interactive features such as polls, Q&A, and chat


Livestorm offers various interactive features that enhance engagement during webinars. Attendees can participate in live polls to share their opinions or answer questions posed by the presenter.


The Q&A feature allows attendees to submit questions throughout the webinar that the presenter can answer later in the session or at the end of it. The chat feature enables real-time conversations between attendees and presenters or other participants.

  1. HD video and audio streaming capabilities


Livestorm’s streaming technology delivers high-quality video and audio content for webinars with up to 1 HD camera source plus screen sharing capabilities which makes it ideal for product demos or presentations with multiple speakers. Attendees can watch webinars from any device with internet access without downloading any additional software.

  1. Integration with other business tools like CRM and marketing automation software


Livestorm offers integration with various other business tools like Hubspot CRM & Marketing Automation software which means businesses don’t have to manually transfer data between platforms; instead they get automatically synced saving time while further enhancing sales & marketing efforts. Integrations also allow businesses to use their existing workflows inside Livestorm: create leads from registrations on Livestorm or get data and insights from Livestorm in their CRM/marketing platform.

Advantages of using Livestorm for businesses

  1. Cost-effective compared to traditional in-person events


One of the biggest advantages of using Livestorm for businesses is its cost-effectiveness. Hosting webinars on Livestorm is significantly cheaper than organizing in-person events.


Businesses no longer have to spend money on renting a venue, catering, transportation, and other expenses associated with organizing physical events. Furthermore, businesses can save time by hosting webinars online.


There’s no need to spend time and resources traveling to a physical location or setting up equipment. Instead, everything can be done from the comfort of an office or home.

  1. Reach a wider audience with no geographical limitations


Livestorm allows businesses to reach a larger audience than they would have been able to with traditional in-person events. There are no geographical limitations when it comes to online webinars, as attendees can join from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.


This opens up opportunities for businesses that don’t have a physical presence in certain areas or want to expand their reach beyond their local market. It also makes it easier for attendees who might not have been able to attend an event due to factors such as distance or scheduling conflicts.

  1. Collect valuable data on attendees through analytics tracking


Livestorm provides businesses with powerful data analytics tools that allow them to collect valuable information about their webinar attendees. This includes data such as attendee demographics, engagement metrics like attendance duration and participation rates in polls and Q&A sessions.


The insights gained from this data can help businesses better understand their target audience and improve future webinars by tailoring content and format based on attendee preferences. Additionally, the analytics tools provided by Livestorm allow for easy tracking of key performance metrics like conversion rates and lead generation efforts from the webinar itself – making it easy for businesses to measure the ROI of their webinars.

  1. Increased flexibility with on-demand webinars


Livestorm also offers businesses the flexibility to host on-demand webinars. This means that if someone misses a live webinar, they can still access it at a later time and catch up on what they missed. This is especially important for businesses that want to ensure their content remains accessible and useful long after the original event.


On-demand webinars also allow businesses to repurpose their content and use it for marketing purposes such as lead generation or social media outreach. By giving attendees access to valuable content whenever they want it, businesses can establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry and build trust with potential customers.

How to Use Livestorm

Step-by-Step Guide on Setting Up a Webinar on the Platform


Using Livestorm to host a webinar is simple and user-friendly. 


  1. First, you’ll need to create an account and sign in.


  1. From there, click on the “Create a Webinar” button to begin setting up your event. You’ll be prompted to fill out information such as the title of your webinar, date and time, duration, and speaker information.


  1. Next, customize your registration page with Livestorm’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. This is where attendees will sign up for the event and provide their contact information.


  1. You can also add custom questions or polls for attendees to answer during registration. Once your registration page is set up, it’s time to create your webinar room.


  1. This is where you’ll host the live event and interact with attendees through features such as polls, Q&A, chat, and more. Customize the look and feel of your webinar room by adding logos or branding elements.


  1. Promote your webinar through Livestorm’s email marketing feature or by sharing a unique link with potential attendees via social media or other channels. Once people start registering for your webinar, you can track attendance rates in real-time using Livestorm’s analytics dashboard.

Tips for Engaging Attendees During the Webinar


Engaging attendees during a webinar can be challenging since they’re not physically present in the same space as you. However, there are several tactics you can use to keep them interested and participating throughout the event. 


  1. Firstly, use visuals such as slides or diagrams throughout your presentation to break up blocks of text and keep things visually interesting. You can also incorporate interactive elements like polls or quizzes that allow attendees to participate actively. 


  1. Secondly, make sure to pause frequently throughout your presentation to ask if attendees have any questions or comments. This will keep them engaged and show that you value their input. Encourage attendees to participate in the chat feature by asking for their opinions or thoughts on certain topics.


This will not only help keep them engaged but also foster a sense of community among attendees. By following these tips, you can ensure that your Livestorm webinar is engaging, informative, and successful.

Success Stories from Businesses Using Livestorm

  1. The Power of Livestorm


Livestorm has helped businesses to reach their target audience in an efficient and cost-effective way. Many companies have shared their success stories using the platform. One such company is HubSpot, a global marketing and sales software provider.

  1. HubSpot: A Success Story with Livestorm


HubSpot used Livestorm for a webinar on lead generation that was attended by over 1,000 people. They reported that the platform was user-friendly, customizable and provided great analytics. With Livestorm’s interactive features like polls and Q&A sessions, they were able to engage their attendees and collect valuable feedback.

  1. The Results Achieved through Using Livestorm


The results achieved by Hubspot were remarkable–they saw a 48% increase in lead conversions after the webinar. The data collected through analytics tracking showed them which topics resonated most with their audience, providing them with insights to create better content in the future.

  1. Livestream for Nonprofits: A Case Study


Another example is Groundswell Fund, a nonprofit organization that supports reproductive justice movements in communities of color. They used Livestream for their virtual summit and reported that it was easy to set up and customize.

  1. Groundswell Fund’s Virtual Summit Result


They had over 500 participants from across the country attend online instead of needing to travel to an event. In addition, they saved thousands of dollars on travel expenses which could be redirected towards supporting community organizations. Businesses have seen great success using Livestream as a powerful and user-friendly webinar platform.


The interactive features like polls, Q&A sessions, chat rooms allow businesses or nonprofits to engage attendees while collecting valuable data through analytics tracking. These stories demonstrate how Livestream has helped businesses to reach their target audience with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Softwareista Final Word


Livestorm is a powerful and user-friendly platform that has been designed specifically for businesses. It offers a wide range of features that enable businesses to create professional webinars with ease.


Livestorm’s customizable registration pages, interactive features, and HD video and audio streaming capabilities make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to host engaging webinars. One of the primary advantages of using Livestorm is its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional in-person events.


With no need for travel, lodging, or venue costs, hosting a webinar on Livestorm can significantly reduce expenses without sacrificing the quality of the event. Additionally, by hosting webinars on Livestorm, businesses are not limited by geography and can reach a wider audience regardless of location.


Livestorm also provides valuable analytics tracking features that enable businesses to collect data on attendees such as their engagement levels and behavior during the webinar. This data can then be used to improve future webinars and marketing strategies.


Overall, Livestorm is an excellent platform for businesses looking to host successful webinars that engage their audience while collecting valuable data at an affordable cost. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large corporation, Livestorm’s customizable features make it easy for anyone to create professional-quality webinars with ease.

Softwareista FAQ Section

  1. What engagement tools does Livestorm offer during webinars?


Livestorm offers tools like real-time chat, Q&A sessions, polls, and screen sharing to enhance audience engagement during webinars.

  1. Can I perform marketing and analytics with Livestorm?

Yes, Livestorm supports email campaigns, custom registration pages, SEO optimization, and provides comprehensive analytics for assessing webinar performance.

  1. Does Livestorm support integration with other platforms?

Yes, Livestorm can be integrated with numerous platforms, including CRM, marketing automation tools, and social media channels, for improved operational efficiency.

  1. Can I record webinars on Livestorm for later viewing?

Yes, Livestorm allows for webinar recording, ensuring that your content remains accessible to those who couldn’t attend the live session.

  1. Is Livestorm suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Livestorm combines powerful functionality with a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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