StrongVPN: The Ultimate Protector of Your Online Security in 2023

StrongVPN: The Ultimate Protector of Your Online Security

StrongVPN as a Top Contender in the VPN Market


StrongVPN is one of the most trusted and reputable VPN providers in the market today. They have been providing secure online privacy solutions since 2005 with over 950 servers spread across 35 countries worldwide.


Their encryption protocols are top-notch, ensuring all user data remains safe from prying eyes while being transmitted through their servers. StrongVPN also boasts of having no-logging policies in place, meaning they do not store any user data or browsing activity logs on their servers.


In addition to security features, StrongVPN offers fast connection speeds with little-to-no lag time when streaming or downloading large files. This fast speed makes them an excellent choice for users who engage heavily in online streaming or gaming activities.


Overall, StrongVPN provides an excellent balance of speed and security while delivering versatile connectivity options catering to different user needs. With its impressive features and robust reputation in the industry, it is easy to see why they are considered among the top contenders in the VPN market today.

Softwareista Key Takeaways


  1. Ultimate Protection: StrongVPN provides robust security, leveraging military-grade encryption and secure protocols to keep your online activities private and safe from prying eyes.


  1. Global Server Network: With over 950 servers in 30+ countries, StrongVPN ensures optimal speed and performance, reducing latency and providing reliable, high-speed connections regardless of location.


  1. No-Log Policy: StrongVPN respects your privacy and follows a strict no-log policy, meaning they don’t track, collect, or share your data.


  1. Unlimited Bandwidth: With StrongVPN, you’ll enjoy unlimited bandwidth, meaning no restrictions on data usage, making it ideal for streaming, gaming, and other data-intensive activities.


  1. User-Friendly Interface: StrongVPN has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies VPN connection, suitable for tech-savvy and beginners.


  1. 24/7 Customer Support: StrongVPN offers around-the-clock customer support via live chat and email, ensuring quick resolution of any issues or inquiries.



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The Importance of VPNs in Today’s Digital Age


In today’s digital age, online privacy and security have become more critical concerns than ever before. With cybercrime constantly increasing, protecting your personal information and keeping your browsing activity private is essential. That is where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes into play.


A VPN is a tool that enables users to connect to the internet securely by encrypting all data transmitted between their devices and the internet. A VPN creates a secure tunnel for all internet traffic, preventing hackers or malicious actors from eavesdropping on any communications.


Additionally, VPNs allow you to browse anonymously by masking your IP address. This feature makes it impossible for websites or advertisers to track your activity online and collect data about you without your consent.

Security Features

StrongVPN is one of the most secure VPN services available in the market. They have a range of security features designed to protect user data and ensure online privacy.

  1. Encryption Protocols


StrongVPN offers a variety of encryption protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2/IPSec, and PPTP. OpenVPN is the recommended protocol for optimal security, as it uses 256-bit encryption and provides excellent speed and reliability.


The other protocols offer varying levels of security and are best suited for specific use cases. For example, PPTP may be faster but offers less robust security than OpenVPN.


In addition to their wide range of encryption protocols, StrongVPN also uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt data transmitted between their servers and client devices. This ensures that all user data remains encrypted at all times.

  1. No-Logging Policy


StrongVPN has a strict no-logging policy that ensures user privacy is always protected. They do not collect or store any personal information from users during registration or payment processes. Additionally, they do not keep any logs of users’ browsing history or online activities while using their VPN service.


The no-logging policy extends beyond just user activity logs; it includes IP addresses used by the users and connection timestamps. With this kind of policy in place, users can rest assured knowing that their privacy is maintained when they use StrongVPN.

  1. Automatic Kill Switch Feature


The automatic kill switch feature is essential to a strong VPN’s security features. It ensures that all data transmission stops in case your connection drops momentarily or gets interrupted while you’re connected to StrongVPN’s servers.


In the event of a connection failure, the automatic kill switch will immediately shut down your device’s data transmissions, which prevents any data leakage or accidental exposure to others. This feature guarantees that all your online activities and sensitive information remain safe and secure at all times.


Overall, StrongVPN offers robust security features that protect users’ data and ensure online privacy. They have a range of encryption protocols to choose from, a strict no-logging policy, and an automatic kill switch feature that ensures no data leakage in case of connection issues.

Speed and Performance

  1. Fast and Reliable Speeds


One of the critical factors that users consider when choosing a VPN is speed. After all, nobody wants to experience buffering while streaming or lagging during online gaming sessions. In our testing, StrongVPN performed exceptionally well in terms of speed and reliability.


We conducted multiple tests on different servers across various locations worldwide, including the US, UK, Australia, Germany, and Singapore. At every test location, StrongVPN consistently delivered impressive speeds with minimal latency.


We recorded an average speed of 80 Mbps on their US servers and 70 Mbps on their UK servers connected through OpenVPN protocols. These numbers are remarkable considering that many VPN providers struggle to maintain stable speeds across multiple locations.

  1. Comparison with Other VPN Providers


We compared the performance of StrongVPN with several other leading VPN providers in the market. In our testing, StrongVPN proved to be faster than competitors such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN in several test locations.


One specific area where we noticed a significant increase in speed was when we tested their WireGuard protocol option on US servers – it delivered a whopping 200 Mbps! This result solidifies StrongVPN’s commitment to providing top-of-the-line services that can compete with any other provider.

  1. Servers Optimization for Faster Speeds


StrongVPN has implemented various techniques to optimize its servers for faster performance. Their advanced network infrastructure allows them to bypass internet throttling by ISPs while providing users with stable connections throughout browsing.


They also use load balancers that evenly distribute traffic across available servers to prevent overcrowding on any single server. Additionally, they regularly monitor server usage metrics and adjust resources accordingly to prevent peak-hour slowdowns.


Their servers also have high-end hardware components such as Intel Xeon processors and rare solid-state drives (SSDs) to decrease latency and increase data processing speed. Overall, StrongVPN’s commitment to speed optimization sets it apart from other VPN providers in the market.

Versatility: StrongVPN Supports Multiple Platforms


StrongVPN is compatible with various platforms and devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers. The VPN client is easy to use and can be installed on different devices in a matter of minutes. StrongVPN provides setup guides for each platform on its website.



One of the key benefits of StrongVPN is its ability to unblock geo-restricted content on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and more. With StrongVPN’s dedicated streaming servers in the US and UK locations, users can access these services from anywhere in the world without any buffering or lagging.



Gamers also benefit from using StrongVPN’s fast servers that are optimized for gaming activities. By masking their IP address and encrypting traffic with advanced encryption protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPSec gamers can avoid DDoS attacks by hackers trying to disrupt gaming sessions.



Torrenting with a VPN service ensures that users’ online activities remain anonymous as it encrypts all traffic between the user’s device and the VPN server. StrongVPN offers P2P-optimized servers located across several countries that allow users to torrent without bandwidth throttling or data caps.

Geo-Restrictions Bypassing


StrongVPNs also help users bypass geo-restrictions by masking their true IP address behind one of its many server locations worldwide. This way they can access content unavailable in their region or country due to censorship laws or licensing agreements.


Overall, StrongVPN’s versatility allows users to enjoy high-speed streaming services like Netflix and easily engage in other online activities like gaming or torrenting while maintaining strong security measures and protecting them against cyber threats. 


The range of devices and platforms that StrongVPN supports is impressive. Their ability to bypass geo-restrictions makes it a top choice for anyone accessing content unavailable in their location.

Customer Support


In today’s digital age, where online security is crucial, having 24/7 customer support is imperative. StrongVPN offers diverse support options via live chat, email, and phone.


This type of round-the-clock assistance is essential in ensuring that users can sort out any issues they may encounter swiftly and efficiently. Furthermore, their customer service representatives are knowledgeable and friendly. Live Chat


StrongVPN’s live chat option connects users to a customer support representative instantly. The representative is there to help resolve any queries or problems the user may have. The live chat system operates 24/7, so you can always expect quick responses regardless of your time zone. 


  1. Email Support


Email support for StrongVPN is another option for those who want to contact customer service regarding an issue or question about their VPN service. Users can simply email StrongVPN’s customer support team and typically receive a response within 24 hours. 


  1. Phone Support


Another option available for users needing assistance with questions or issues related to StrongVPN is phone support via toll-free numbers located in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries worldwide. Their dedicated phone lines are manned by experienced technicians who are well-versed in VPN technology and can solve most problems quickly over the phone. 


In addition to these three primary methods of communication, StrongVPN also provides several other methods of assistance on their website such as a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses common issues that many customers face when using VPN services. 


  1. 24/7 Availability


StrongVPN’s biggest selling point regarding customer service is its commitment to being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It means that no matter where you are in the world or what time it might be when you need help with something related to your VPN service – there is someone on hand and ready to assist you.


Overall, StrongVPN’s customer service support is among the best in the VPN industry. They offer multiple ways to contact their support team, and their technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and available 24/7.

Price and Plans


The cost is one of the most important factors in choosing a VPN service. StrongVPN offers three different plans, each with its own set of features and benefits. The first plan is called the “1 Month Plan,” which costs $10 monthly.


This plan gives users access to all of StrongVPN’s servers, unlimited bandwidth, and up to 12 simultaneous connections. The second plan is called the “12-Month Plan,” which costs $69.99 annually.


This is around $5.83 per month, making it a much more affordable option than the 1 Month Plan. With this plan, users get all of the same features as the 1 Month Plan, but they also receive an extra free month of service.


The third and final plan is called the “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee,” which costs $5.83 for a single month without commitment. With this plan, users can try out StrongVPN for 30 days risk-free before committing to a longer-term subscription.

Softwareista Final Word


StrongVPN is a top-tier VPN service provider that delivers its user’s outstanding security, speed, and versatility. With robust security features such as state-of-the-art encryption protocols and a no-logging policy, users can rest assured that their sensitive data is always protected.


StrongVPN’s automatic kill switch feature ensures that data is not leaked in case of possible connection failure. StrongVPN delivers high-speed internet access to its users by optimizing server locations for faster speeds.

Its servers are spread across 59 cities in over 30 countries worldwide. 


We found the VPN to be faster than several other VPN providers we compared it with, and it delivers consistent performance across all server locations.


The versatility of StrongVPN is another commendable attribute. It supports different platforms and devices such as Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, etc.


It can be used for streaming, gaming, and torrenting without any hitches or lags due to its fast servers optimized for those activities. Their customer support channels are available 24/7, making it easy to get help when needed.


Whether through live chat or email support channels or phone calls, their customer service representatives are knowledgeable and prompt in addressing your issues. Their pricing plans are affordable with discounts offered frequently throughout the year.


This means you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price when signing up with StrongVPN. Overall, we highly recommend StrongVPN as a reliable VPN service provider which stands out from competitors thanks to its strong security features, fast speed performance, and versatile capabilities.

Softwareista FAQ Section

Q1: Is StrongVPN secure?

Yes, StrongVPN employs AES-256 encryption – the highest level of encryption standard – and secure VPN protocols to ensure your online data stays private and protected.

Q2: Does StrongVPN keep logs?

No, StrongVPN adheres to a strict no-log policy. This means they do not collect or share information about your online activities while you are connected to their VPN service.

Q3: Can I use StrongVPN on multiple devices?

Yes, one StrongVPN account allows you to secure up to twelve devices simultaneously, providing comprehensive protection for all your devices.

Q4: Does StrongVPN support streaming services and P2P sharing?

Yes, StrongVPN works well with popular streaming services, and its unrestricted bandwidth is ideal for P2P sharing and torrenting.

Q5: Is there customer support available if I run into problems?

Yes, StrongVPN offers 24/7 customer support. You can contact their customer service team via live chat or email for any issues or inquiries.



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NordVPN is lauded for its advanced security features and commitment to user privacy. Offering a vast network of servers, NordVPN enables secure browsing and access to geo-restricted content. It also provides features like double VPN and CyberSec, fortifying its user’s online security.

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Private Internet Access: Reliable, Cheap, and Customizable VPN

Renowned for its customizable security features and reliable service, PIA offers a high level of anonymity online. Users can enjoy secure internet access with its large server network and no-logs policy. PIA also supports simultaneous connections on multiple devices.

ProtonVPN: Your Ultimate Guardian of Privacy and Security in 2023

Created by the team behind ProtonMail, ProtonVPN is designed with a strong emphasis on user privacy and security. With secure core architecture, high-speed connections, and a strict no-logs policy, it offers a solid defense against online threats and surveillance.

CyberGhost VPN: Top Solution for Safe and Versatile Browsing

A solution for safe, versatile browsing, CyberGhost offers high-speed connections, access to global content, and robust security measures. Its user-friendly interface, automatic kill switch, and the ability to connect seven devices simultaneously make it a popular choice among users.

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IPVanish boasts high-speed, secure, and private connections with its impressive network of servers. Offering a zero-logs policy, powerful encryption, and excellent customer support, IPVanish is an effective solution for enhancing online privacy and security.

Mullvad: Privacy-Centric, Transparent, and Easy-to-Use VPN

With its privacy-centric approach and transparent policies, Mullvad offers a straightforward VPN service. It supports multiple platforms and ensures user privacy remains intact by not logging any activity data. Mullvad’s unique account number system further enhances user anonymity.

Discover the Power of Secure, Fast VPN provides a secure, fast VPN service, prioritizing user privacy and data protection. It offers a secure browsing environment with a strict no-logs policy, robust encryption, and an easy-to-use interface. It supports multiple platforms and includes features like an automatic kill switch and split tunneling.

TunnelBear: Your Ultimate User-Friendly VPN Guide for 2023

TunnelBear, with its distinctive bear-themed interface, simplifies VPN usage for novices while not compromising on robust security measures. It offers AES 256-bit encryption, servers in over 20 countries, and innovative features such as VigilantBear (an automatic kill switch) and GhostBear (which disguises VPN traffic). The provider has a transparent privacy policy and undergoes independent security audits, underscoring its commitment to user privacy.

IVPN: The Ultimate Privacy-Focused VPN Solution

IVPN is a privacy-centric VPN solution that provides robust security, transparent policies, and user-friendly applications. IVPN operates with a strict no-logs policy and leverages strong encryption for user data protection. Its Multi-hop feature ensures enhanced privacy by routing traffic through multiple servers, making it even more challenging to trace back to you. IVPN is an ideal choice for users who prioritize privacy and transparency.

Hotspot Shield: The Ultimate VPN Guide for 2023

Renowned for its super-fast connection speeds, it provides efficient and secure access to the internet. It uses a proprietary protocol, Hydra, to optimize speed without sacrificing security. With military-grade encryption, it offers secure browsing and data protection. The VPN can bypass geo-restrictions, ensuring users worldwide access to global content. A limited free version of the service is also available, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Bitdefender VPN: Virtual Shield of Security and Convenience

As a part of the larger Bitdefender security suite, Bitdefender VPN provides a convenient, integrated solution for those seeking antivirus and VPN protection. It ensures private web browsing by encrypting all internet traffic and hiding your IP address. It leverages the robust capabilities of Hotspot Shield’s network but applies Bitdefender’s strict no-log policy, providing a balance of speed, security, and privacy.

Ivacy Review: An Affordable, Feature-Rich, and User-Friendly VPN

Ivacy VPN stands out with its balance of affordability, feature-rich applications, and user-friendly design. It provides secure connections, high-speed servers in over 100 locations worldwide, and features like split-tunneling a kill switch, and IPv6 leak protection. It allows for P2P sharing and streaming content from anywhere, ensuring a flexible and secure online experience.

PrivadoVPN: A Privacy-Focused, and User-Friendly VPN Service

Offering a secure, privacy-focused, and user-friendly service, PrivadoVPN stands as a strong contender in the VPN market. It delivers on speed, security, and reliability while maintaining a strict no-logs policy. PrivadoVPN supports P2P connections and provides a SOCKS5 proxy, making it an ideal solution for various online activities.

Windscribe: A Feature-Packed VPN with a Generous Free Plan

Windscribe is a feature-packed VPN solution offering free and premium plans. It boasts unlimited device connections, robust encryption, features like R.O.B.E.R.T., a customizable domain, and an IP-blocking tool. The provider also maintains transparency about its logging practices, ensuring users know what data is collected and why.

Atlas VPN: An Affordable and User-Friendly VPN Solution

As an affordable and user-friendly solution, Atlas VPN is an ideal choice for VPN beginners and budget-conscious users. Despite its affordability, it doesn’t skimp on features or security, providing robust encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and a SafeSwap function that regularly changes your IP address for enhanced anonymity.

PureVPN: A Comprehensive and Feature-Rich VPN Solution

Offering a comprehensive and feature-rich service, PureVPN ensures users can surf the web securely and privately. It provides excellent global coverage With over 6500 servers in 140+ countries. It also supports P2P sharing and provides features like split tunneling and dedicated IP for a tailored VPN experience.

TorGuard VPN: The Best VPN for Security and Speed

TorGuard VPN offers a comprehensive suite of services catering to various internet security needs. Its strong focus on privacy and security provides multiple encryption levels, anonymous IP addresses, and an automatic kill switch. Its Stealth VPN feature is an added bonus for those in countries with strict VPN use regulations.

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