TunnelBear: Your Ultimate User-Friendly VPN Guide for 2023

TunnelBear: Your Ultimate Guide to a User-Friendly, Secure, and Reliable VPN Service


In the digital age, online privacy and security have become major concerns. With cybercriminals and government surveillance becoming increasingly sophisticated, individuals seek ways to protect their online activities.

This is where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come into play. A VPN is a secure connection that allows users to access the internet safely and privately.


It encrypts internet traffic, making it unreadable to people who might intercept it. VPNs also conceal your IP address, meaning your online activity cannot be traced back to you.


TunnelBear is a highly recommended VPN service provider that offers user-friendly, secure, and reliable services. Established in 2011 in Canada, TunnelBear has since grown into one of the most popular VPN services available on the market.

Softwareista Key Takeaways


  1. User-Friendly Interface: TunnelBear boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that is perfect for beginners yet provides advanced options for more experienced users.


  1. Strong Security Measures: TunnelBear employs robust AES-256 encryption and secure VPN protocols, ensuring high security for your online data.


  1. Reliable Performance: TunnelBear offers consistently good speed and performance, ideal for browsing and streaming.


  1. Transparency and Trust: TunnelBear is notable for its transparency, with routine independent security audits published publicly.


  1. Global Server Network: TunnelBear has a wide network of servers across 23 countries, providing reliable and geographically diverse connection options.


  1. Always-On Support: TunnelBear offers 24/7 customer support via email and maintains a comprehensive knowledge base for immediate help.



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Brief Overview of VPNs and Their Importance


The internet can be dangerous if you’re not careful about how you protect yourself. Many threats are lurking in cyberspace that can expose your personal information or compromise your device’s security. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers a secure way to protect yourself from these dangers.


VPNs provide an encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet, making it virtually impossible for anyone else to access your data or trace your online activity. By using a VPN service like TunnelBear, you gain control over your online privacy by masking your IP address and encrypting all of the data transmitted between your device and servers worldwide.


This level of security also allows users to bypass certain restrictions placed on websites or even geographic regions with censorship laws in place. In countries where freedom of speech is limited, or websites are blocked for political reasons, TunnelBear can provide unrestricted access through its global network of high-speed servers.

Introduction of TunnelBear as a User-Friendly, Secure, and Reliable VPN Service


TunnelBear is a VPN service with a reputation for offering user-friendly, secure, and reliable services. This VPN provider prides itself on its ability to provide top-tier security features without sacrificing user experience.


TunnelBear’s intuitive interface makes navigating easy for users of all skill levels. The company offers a step-by-step guide on how to use TunnelBear for beginners and customizable settings for advanced users.


With just a few clicks, you can connect to one of TunnelBear’s servers located in over 23 countries worldwide. TunnelBear is also known for its commitment to protecting user privacy.


The company has a no-log policy in place, meaning that they do not collect or store any data about their users’ online activity. Additionally, the company offers Vigilant mode and kill switch features that prevent data leaks in case of connection drops.


TunnelBear is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a VPN service offering high-level security and an easy-to-use interface. From beginners to advanced users, TunnelBear’s services are accessible and reliable no matter your technical skill level.

User-Friendly Interface


TunnelBear’s user-friendly interface is one of its main selling points and sets it apart from other VPN services. The interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate, making it accessible to beginners and advanced users.


The app’s layout is clean and minimalistic with a bear-themed design that adds a fun touch to the experience. The app’s main screen features a world map with all available server locations marked by cute little bears.


Users can click on any location to connect instantly or use the drop-down menu to choose from a list of servers sorted by country or distance from their current location. A big On/Off toggle switch at the top makes it easy to turn the VPN connection on or off.

  1. Step-by-step guide for beginners


For beginners who are new to VPNs, TunnelBear provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to use its service. Upon launching the app for the first time, users are greeted with a welcome screen that explains what TunnelBear does and why it’s important. Then, they are guided through three simple steps: create an account, install TunnelBear on their device(s), and connect to a server.


The guide also covers basic settings like choosing which server location to connect to based on specific needs (e.g., access blocked content) or preferences (e.g., faster speed). It also explains how TunnelBear protects user data with strong encryption protocols and its no-log policy.

  1. Customizable settings for advanced users


While TunnelBear is designed with simplicity in mind, it doesn’t compromise on customization options for advanced users who want more control over their VPN experience. 


Users can choose between two encryption protocols in the settings menu: OpenVPN (default) or IKEv2 (faster). They can also enable features like GhostBear (disguises VPN traffic as regular internet traffic) and VigilantBear (disconnects the internet when the VPN connection drops).


For those who want to customize further, TunnelBear also allows users to manually configure its service on their devices using third-party apps like OpenVPN. Additionally, users can whitelist specific apps or websites that they want to bypass the VPN connection for or even set up Trusted Networks (whitelisted Wi-Fi networks) so that they don’t have to connect every time they join a network manually.


TunnelBear’s user-friendly interface is a standout feature that makes it an accessible VPN service for everyone, from beginners to advanced users. Its simple, intuitive design and customizable options cater to various needs and preferences.

Security Features

  1. Encryption Protocols Used by TunnelBear to Protect User Data


TunnelBear’s encryption is top-notch, using AES 256-bit encryption, which is currently the most secure encryption method available. It means that tunnels created by TunnelBear are virtually unbreakable and that user data is protected even if a hacker tries to intercept or steal it. 


Furthermore, TunnelBear uses the SHA-256 hash algorithm for message authentication, ensuring that messages are not tampered with during transmission.


In addition to the strong encryption protocol, TunnelBear employs perfect forward secrecy (PFS), ensuring that if a session key becomes compromised in any way, it will not affect other session keys. Each time a user connects to VPN servers, the session key is generated anew.

  1. No-Log Policy to Ensure User Privacy


TunnelBear has a strict no-log policy in place, meaning they do not keep any records or logs of internet activity. This policy guarantees complete anonymity and privacy protection for users who want their online activities kept private and anonymous.


TunnelBear has gone through an independent audit to verify this policy. Furthermore, TunnelBear operates under Canadian jurisdiction which mandates strict privacy laws compared with other countries like the United States where ISPs can sell user data for advertisement purposes.

  1. Vigilant Mode and Kill Switch Features to Prevent Data Leaks


To prevent data leaks in case of VPN disconnection or connection issues during use on public WiFi networks or other untrusted networks, TunnelBear offers Vigilant mode and Kill Switch features. Vigilant mode ensures that your connection remains encrypted at all times by blocking all internet traffic until the VPN connection is re-established. 


The Kill Switch feature automatically stops all internet traffic when your VPN connection drops, so there is no chance of unencrypted traffic leaking out before you can reconnect.


TunnelBear’s Kill Switch feature is efficient and stops all internet traffic until the VPN connection is re-established. In addition, it can also be customized to only stop specific programs or services from accessing the internet in case of disconnection, leaving other applications to function normally.


Overall, TunnelBear’s security features are some of the best in the industry, ensuring that user data remains safeguarded against any kind of unauthorized access. These features make TunnelBear a great option for anyone who values online privacy and security.



In addition to being user-friendly and secure, TunnelBear is also a highly reliable VPN service. This is largely due to their high-speed server network in over 23 countries worldwide. With such a large and diverse network, TunnelBear can provide users with fast and stable connections across the globe.


One key aspect of TunnelBear’s reliability is its ability to bypass geo-restrictions. This means that users can access content that may be blocked in their own country or region, such as streaming services or news websites.


By connecting to a server in another country, users can essentially “trick” the website or service into thinking they are located in that country, allowing them access to the desired content. Of course, the reliability of any VPN service also depends on its level of customer support.


Fortunately, TunnelBear excels in this regard as well. Their customer support team is available 24/7 via email or live chat, ensuring that users can get help with any issues they may encounter at any time.

  1. High-Speed Servers


TunnelBear’s network of high-speed servers is one of the reasons why the service has become so popular among VPN users. With servers across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and more, there are plenty to choose from, depending on your requirements.


TunnelBear offers unlimited bandwidth, so you won’t have any restrictions on how much data you can use each month – making it perfect for streaming movies or playing online games without worrying about hitting a usage cap. 


Additionally, TunnelBear uses state-of-the-art technology like OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols which ensure that your internet connection speed won’t decrease when connected to their secure servers.

  1. Ability to Bypass Geo-Restrictions


Another area where TunnelBear excels is its ability to bypass geo-restrictions. With servers in over 23 countries, users can select a server in a country where the desired content is not blocked or restricted.


This makes it possible to access websites, social media platforms, and streaming services that may otherwise be unavailable due to geographic restrictions. Additionally, TunnelBear’s GhostBear feature disguises VPN traffic as regular internet traffic making it even more difficult for websites and services to detect a VPN user.

  1. 24/7 Customer Support


TunnelBear offers excellent customer support with agents available to help users 24/7 via email or live chat. Whether you need help setting up the service on your device or troubleshooting an issue you are experiencing, TunnelBear’s customer support team is there for you. In addition to their excellent support team, TunnelBear has an extensive knowledge base on their website, including setup guides and FAQs.


This makes it easy for users to find answers to common questions without contacting customer support directly. Overall, TunnelBear’s combination of user-friendly interface, security features, and reliability make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality VPN service.



Niche Subtopics


In addition to the user-friendly interface and security features, TunnelBear offers some unique niche features that make it stand out from other VPN services. These features include GhostBear and Trusted Networks.

GhostBear: Disguise Your VPN Traffic


GhostBear is a unique feature that disguises VPN traffic as regular internet traffic. This added layer of obfuscation makes it harder for internet service providers (ISPs) and other third parties to detect and block your VPN connection.


This is especially useful for users who live in countries with strict internet censorship laws, where the government may actively try to block access to VPNs. GhostBear is available on all TunnelBear platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


The feature can be easily turned on and off from the settings menu, giving users full control over their VPN connection. Enabling GhostBear may cause a slight slowdown in connection speeds due to the added encryption layers, but this tradeoff is well worth it for users who value their privacy and security online.


TunnelBear also takes pride in its commitment to transparency regarding using GhostBear technology. They openly communicate with their users about any changes or updates made to GhostBear so that they can maintain trust with their customers.

Trusted Networks: Simplify Your Connection Process


Trusted Networks is another unique feature offered by TunnelBear that allows you to whitelist trusted Wi-Fi networks so you don’t have to connect whenever you access those networks manually. Once you’ve designated a network as “trusted,” Tunnelbear will automatically connect when your device detects that network without any extra steps required on your part.


This feature ensures that users are always connected securely when accessing their trusted networks without worrying about manually connecting each time. This is especially useful for people who frequently access the internet at multiple locations, such as coffee shops, airports, or co-working spaces.


Overall, these niche features add an additional layer of security and convenience to the already impressive lineup of features TunnelBear offers. Whether you are looking for added security against VPN blocking or a way to streamline your connection process, TunnelBear has got you covered with its innovative and user-friendly technology.

Rarely Known Small Details

The Origins of the Company Name “TunnelBear”


TunnelBear is a VPN service provider that was founded in 2011 by Ryan Dochuk and Daniel Kaldor. The company’s name, “TunnelBear,” is inspired by the image of a bear digging tunnels, representing the idea of creating secure pathways for data travel. The founders wanted to create a VPN service that was fun and easy to use while also providing top-notch security features.


According to an interview with Ryan Dochuk, he first devised the idea for TunnelBear while on a European vacation. He realized he couldn’t access some of his favorite websites because they were being blocked due to geo-restrictions.


He then began researching VPNs and found that most services were complicated and intimidating for non-technical users. This experience inspired him to create TunnelBear, a user-friendly VPN service that could be easily used by anyone.


The name “TunnelBear” represents the company’s goal of creating secure pathways for data and reflects its playful brand identity. The company uses bear imagery throughout its website and promotional materials, using puns like “bear minimum” and “bear facts” to keep things light-hearted.

The Company’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability through Their Use of Renewable Energy Sources


In addition to providing top-notch security features and user-friendly software, TunnelBear has also taken steps toward environmental sustainability. The company has committed itself to using renewable energy sources as much as possible to reduce its carbon footprint. 


In 2017, TunnelBear joined forces with another VPN provider called McAfee Safe Connect VPN to form a joint venture called AnchorFree Holding Corp. AnchorFree uses solar power and other renewable energy sources for its server farms to minimize its environmental impact.


By sharing resources with AnchorFree, TunnelBear can contribute to this effort toward sustainability. TunnelBear has also taken other steps towards environmental responsibility, such as reducing the amount of paper waste produced through digital documentation and encouraging employees to use public transportation or bike to work instead of driving.


While many people may not know about TunnelBear’s commitment to sustainability or the origins of its name, these details add depth to the company’s brand identity and values. By providing a fun and user-friendly VPN service that also takes steps towards environmental responsibility, TunnelBear sets itself apart from other VPN providers.

Softwareista Final Word


TunnelBear is an excellent VPN service that offers both user-friendliness and security. The service’s simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to use for beginners, while its customizable settings cater to advanced users. It uses strong encryption protocols, a no-log policy to protect user data, and features like Vigilant Mode and Kill Switch to prevent data leaks.


TunnelBear also boasts high-speed servers in over 23 countries, allowing users to bypass geo-restrictions and access blocked content. Its customer support is available 24/7, ensuring that users can always get their needed help.


Two notable features offered by TunnelBear are GhostBear and Trusted Networks. GhostBear disguises VPN traffic as regular internet traffic for added security against VPN blocking, while Trusted Networks allows users to whitelist trusted Wi-Fi networks so they don’t have to connect manually every time.


Interestingly, the company name “TunnelBear” was inspired by the animal’s habit of tunneling through snow, representing the service’s ability to tunnel through geo-restrictions and censorship. Additionally, TunnelBear is committed to environmental sustainability by using renewable energy sources.


Overall, TunnelBear is a reliable VPN service that offers both ease of use and security. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a trustworthy way to protect their online privacy and access blocked content.

Softwareista FAQ Section

Q1: How secure is TunnelBear?

TunnelBear offers strong security features, including AES-256 encryption and secure VPN protocols, providing reliable protection for your online data.

Q2: Does TunnelBear store logs of my online activities?

No, TunnelBear follows a strict no-logs policy, meaning it does not track, collect, or share your online activities.

Q3: How many devices can I connect with TunnelBear?

TunnelBear allows up to 5 devices to connect simultaneously on a single subscription, offering protection for your multiple devices.

Q4: Can I use TunnelBear for streaming and P2P sharing?

Yes, TunnelBear supports streaming and P2P file sharing. However, its ability to unblock certain streaming services may vary.

Q5: Is TunnelBear user-friendly?

Yes, TunnelBear is known for its easy-to-use interface, making it a perfect choice for VPN novices, while still offering advanced features for more experienced users.

Q6: Is there customer support available with TunnelBear?

Yes, TunnelBear provides 24/7 customer support via email. They also maintain a comprehensive knowledge base for immediate self-help.


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TorGuard VPN offers a comprehensive suite of services catering to various internet security needs. Its strong focus on privacy and security provides multiple encryption levels, anonymous IP addresses, and an automatic kill switch. Its Stealth VPN feature is an added bonus for those in countries with strict VPN use regulations.

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